Time, the best teacher!

en Did you observe how time fly? You were a small child, many years ago. Do you remember your dreams? Now all as you dreamed? Time is like the water that is running. When you start living, you are young, and you probably think that you have so much time, but it is not. The... Continue Reading →

Letter for you

  Hi, my good friend! I speak with you every week, but you are not every time in the same country. You are a traveler. You are in many countries; you are looking for me; you visit me, from America, Europe, Australia, Africa, from all over the world! You can imagine how proud I am... Continue Reading →

Power of the dream

  en We live in this world...For what we live? I think, we should all give something good for this great and beautiful world. I hope, all of us, found the sense of life! We discover the country, the people, and the nature. But, what we know about us? We start life so amazing. Childhood... Continue Reading →


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