Happiness from simple things

Where does my smile come from? From EVERYTHING! My happiness is from..... my love, my family, the outcome of my work, success and failure, friends, the happiness of the people I love, people who are sincere and benevolent, travel, peace in this world, from EVERYTHING!!! Learn to be happy for every moment of your life! Life passes... Continue Reading →

Confession > part 1

Sun New Year is coming. All people run for search the better gifts, atmosphere is full of fairytale. Love this time, all people seems to be happy and that can be better for Christmas time. But after this amazing time that is coming? Perhaps… is coming a real life time with new problems and new... Continue Reading →

About the relationship

Today, our generation, as I think, is luckier, because we have more interesting life. We have a lot of opportunity to discover world and to communicate with a different people. Also, we have the possibility to be connected with the people who we love. And a while, we are so different, but in the same time,... Continue Reading →

Drawing the face/ Schimbarea la față

en I never understood uninhibited people, I called them strange people. Now, however, I think that these people really know how to live their own lives, therefore in their own way, as we think, but far from the truth, they really live. They are all colorful, cheerful, and radiant, with pink or blue hair, with... Continue Reading →


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