My favorite speeches by Angelina Jolie

I love and respect some of people for the humanity, compassion, empathy, love for each and over, for the reason how they impact, for the positive way that they change other lives. I am grateful for the example that they give and motivation for people who lose their hope to live. I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

Confession > part 2

When you are in two chooses what you select? You are thankful for person who you are now or you live in the past? I don’t make a difference into past and presence, because my yesterday is the same today, because I`m happy for choose I have made. But in case when something is not... Continue Reading →

Procrastination is my problem?

  en Today we will talk about the management of life. How many time, you was in situation in that you haven't the time. This feeling, when you are so stressed, because you are late and you run to get bus. Deadlines invade us in all social spheres, for example paying bills, the visit to... Continue Reading →

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