Când versurile nu au rime, Și cuvintele fără fapte. Când viețile nu sunt pline, Lacrimi pe jos înșirate.   Când zilele sunt doar iluzii, Răspunsurile sunt așteptate, Când gândurile sunt decizii, Furtuni pe mai târziu amânate.   Când ploile nu mai dau roadă, Și soarele e doar un astru. Când toate iar într-o roată, Priviri... Continue Reading →

Song of this day

Usually, I don’t listen for this type of music, but this case when you don't have the words! All is about the love that gone. It is all about the normal feeling between two people who love. When someone forgets this sentiment, everything is lost and all you have to do is to suffer. Cool... Continue Reading →

Should there be multitasking?

Do you like your life? That new past in your life between this year? May be you cut your hair so many time, color them, may be you try something new, make a new friends, travel more, maybe you married and in your life come the little sunshine-your kid, I guess all good things are... Continue Reading →

Power of the dream

  en We live in this world...For what we live? I think, we should all give something good for this great and beautiful world. I hope, all of us, found the sense of life! We discover the country, the people, and the nature. But, what we know about us? We start life so amazing. Childhood... Continue Reading →

The lesson, that i have learned/ Lecția de viață

en It's been a year since she's gone. I met her in the last two years of her life. She was a beautiful woman and with a beautiful soul. Woman with a good heart and with eyes full of kindness, no, I wouldn't have imagined that now she will not be... A woman who wanted... Continue Reading →

Drawing the face/ Schimbarea la față

en I never understood uninhibited people, I called them strange people. Now, however, I think that these people really know how to live their own lives, therefore in their own way, as we think, but far from the truth, they really live. They are all colorful, cheerful, and radiant, with pink or blue hair, with... Continue Reading →

My top for today

About music that I like. I think, I will always place where my top. What music do you like? Leave a comment below, I would like know more about you! Two Feet - Quick Musical Doodles & Sex Two Feet - Her Life Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love Brodka - Dancing... Continue Reading →

The decisions

en In our life we all have to choose something everyday. We choose what to wear. We choose what we eat, there we work and there we go after work. We choose how to spend our vacation. We deiced listen the music or to watch TV. The time it’s too long, but life it’s too... Continue Reading →

The limits

Work harder and be like you always wanted.


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