Când versurile nu au rime, Și cuvintele fără fapte. Când viețile nu sunt pline, Lacrimi pe jos înșirate.   Când zilele sunt doar iluzii, Răspunsurile sunt așteptate, Când gândurile sunt decizii, Furtuni pe mai târziu amânate.   Când ploile nu mai dau roadă, Și soarele e doar un astru. Când toate iar într-o roată, Priviri... Continue Reading →

Search for inspiration from Victoria Beckham

I don’t want to talk much about this influential woman, because she talks about her better, better than I do. I am inspired by the moment when I listen to it. She is an amazing and influential woman; she is an example of how we should all be women. Victoria Beckham is one of those... Continue Reading →

My favorite speeches by Angelina Jolie

I love and respect some of people for the humanity, compassion, empathy, love for each and over, for the reason how they impact, for the positive way that they change other lives. I am grateful for the example that they give and motivation for people who lose their hope to live. I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

Top of the best song

Good music never dies. So many dreams, so many time, so many memories. Thank you, good music. Enjoy it. No more to say. Irina Rimes - Bolnavi Amindoi                                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F33akK-MgYc Irina Rimes - Ce s-a intamplat cu noi ... Continue Reading →

Nature behind and around you

I love the nature, the forest especially. I don’t know why, but spending time in nature is my favorite activity, perhaps is my source of inspiration and for recharge the battery. The nature is my energy, and is not just about her beauty and  fresh air, I think is about of something more. For me... Continue Reading →


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