My daily routine with new products/Mixa, Caudalie…

(EN) Hello my dears special girls! Today I share with you that I use in my daily routine. Something is new product, something you know for sure, but I would like to talk about all I love for each time. If you are interested about this, please stay with me. How you probably know, I love to... Continue Reading →

Get ready for a beautiful skin with Garnier

Hello girls, today I would like to speak with you about my daily routine for the face skin. I have a mixed skin and was so hard evreytime to found realy good product for one sure cleansing for my face. Since I do not recommend something until I myself tested the product, I've been using this products... Continue Reading →

,,Laminarea” părului acasă!

Demult mi-am dorit să scriu acest articol, ehe iată a venit timpul. Azi deschid secretul părului meu strălucitor. Cele care îmi citiți blogul, cunoașteți despre faptul că îmi doresc să ajung la lungimea părului (vezi aici articolul) care îl aveam acum doi ani, dar ce ține de sănătatea lui (vezi aici articolul despre produsele care... Continue Reading →

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