The little world in your hands

We live hard times, it seems like the times that the ones before us have lived. But I have the feeling, more and more, that even the Earth does not endure. Even we made our hearts of stone. We no longer know how to feel the pain of the next one. We have become selfish.... Continue Reading →

Nature behind and around you

I love the nature, the forest especially. I don’t know why, but spending time in nature is my favorite activity, perhaps is my source of inspiration and for recharge the battery. The nature is my energy, and is not just about her beauty and  fresh air, I think is about of something more. For me... Continue Reading →

Time, the best teacher!

en Did you observe how time fly? You were a small child, many years ago. Do you remember your dreams? Now all as you dreamed? Time is like the water that is running. When you start living, you are young, and you probably think that you have so much time, but it is not. The... Continue Reading →

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