(ro) Cum e să nu îți poți vedea familia, meleagul un timp îndelungat? Doar cei care se află departe de casă vor înțelege! Nimic și nimeni nu va putea înlocui pe oamenii dragi cu care ai devenit ce ești tu astăzi și locul în care ai făcut primii pași. Doar atunci când ești departe, înțelegi... Continue Reading →

Nature behind and around you

I love the nature, the forest especially. I don’t know why, but spending time in nature is my favorite activity, perhaps is my source of inspiration and for recharge the battery. The nature is my energy, and is not just about her beauty and  fresh air, I think is about of something more. For me... Continue Reading →

en Düsseldorf is one of the most beautiful city from Germany, situated in North Rhine-Westphalia. If you look to visit one of the colorful and magical places don't hesitate to come here, because you rest thankful for this trip, I fallen in love with Dusseldorf. I believe that every newly opened city leaves emotions, for those who... Continue Reading →


en Wuppertal is a city from Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. This city you have to visit one time in your life, because is amazing! Then you discover this beautiful place, you will understand why this city it’s the most incredible. That it make the difference from other cites from Europe, is the public transport. You... Continue Reading →


en   When the words it's without sense, but pictures speak more as i can exprime. ro  Când cuvintele nu au nici un sens, iar imaginea spune mai multe decât aș putea să exprim.


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