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Hi, my good friend!

I speak with you every week, but you are not every time in the same country. You are a traveler. You are in many countries; you are looking for me; you visit me, from America, Europe, Australia, Africa, from all over the world! You can imagine how proud I am and I feel a great responsibility. You give me such happiness. I hope where you are now, you live the amazing life. In addition, I hope that you motivate yourself, you inspire yourself, and you color your future and give power to your dreams. In my letter, I hope you also learn, about the lesson that I learn, that life is so invaluable. I’m talking to you about music, nature, about the sea, where I fall in love. I send you a photo with my dream, and you, you make me proud of me, because…

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When you want to try something-write!

en For a long time, I wanted to open a blog page. But I hesitate. I even tried to write, but i didn't have time and and other excuses that we use invent only for to not do what makes us really happy. I’m not perfect human and I don't pretend that I am, I... Continue Reading →


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