Song of this day

Usually, I don’t listen for this type of music, but this case when you don't have the words! All is about the love that gone. It is all about the normal feeling between two people who love. When someone forgets this sentiment, everything is lost and all you have to do is to suffer. Cool... Continue Reading →

Between us ice melts

As I used to, in the music section, I post what I discovered recently about music. I put in the top, this week that song that was the number one in 2017. It is a Ukrainian band, singing in Russian. On the topic of earnestness and self-ironing, the clip is just for fun. Have fun.... Continue Reading →

Start new year & listen music

Hello people in 2018!  How to start this 2018 year? The recipe is simple! With the best one man, good music and in dreaming about this new chapter in your book life. I think this year will be great, hey, be happy! And in this magical time, I would like to share my playlist, for... Continue Reading →

Top of the best song

Good music never dies. So many dreams, so many time, so many memories. Thank you, good music. Enjoy it. No more to say. Irina Rimes - Bolnavi Amindoi                             Irina Rimes - Ce s-a intamplat cu noi ... Continue Reading →

Turn the radio down

I love music. Music is sound of heart. Today, I would like to share some of good music. I'm proud for they! Turn the radio down and listen my playlist. Here you are! Take the time for good music. Perhaps, you will not understand the words (the songs in Romanian), but the heart surely will perceive... Continue Reading →

Yes, my love is for you!

Let's start with some music KIBA - My Love For You. I think nature is my big love. How you can`t love this beautiful sea?   How you can't love this beautiful trees? How you can't love this beautiful rain? I can't imagine our life without music and this beautiful nature. Enjoy your time here. Love... Continue Reading →

My top for today

About music that I like. I think, I will always place where my top. What music do you like? Leave a comment below, I would like know more about you! Two Feet - Quick Musical Doodles & Sex Two Feet - Her Life Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love Brodka - Dancing... Continue Reading →


en Music is the sound that gives you emotions, bring you some memories, make you dream, cry and smile. Music is the most powerful art. Just discover the power of her in these sounds and may be you will see yourself or not… Just the music, it's too deep, different, and terrific. I leave you... Continue Reading →

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