Happiness from simple things

Where does my smile come from? From EVERYTHING! My happiness is from..... my love, my family, the outcome of my work, success and failure, friends, the happiness of the people I love, people who are sincere and benevolent, travel, peace in this world, from EVERYTHING!!! Learn to be happy for every moment of your life! Life passes... Continue Reading →

My favorite speeches by Angelina Jolie

I love and respect some of people for the humanity, compassion, empathy, love for each and over, for the reason how they impact, for the positive way that they change other lives. I am grateful for the example that they give and motivation for people who lose their hope to live. I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

Confession > part 2

When you are in two chooses what you select? You are thankful for person who you are now or you live in the past? I don’t make a difference into past and presence, because my yesterday is the same today, because I`m happy for choose I have made. But in case when something is not... Continue Reading →

Confession > part 1

Sun New Year is coming. All people run for search the better gifts, atmosphere is full of fairytale. Love this time, all people seems to be happy and that can be better for Christmas time. But after this amazing time that is coming? Perhaps… is coming a real life time with new problems and new... Continue Reading →

Ce înseamnă bunătatea

Cum să fii un om bun în această lume lipsită de bunătate. De ce sunt oameni care nu sunt recunoscători? Cît de mult nu ai face pentru un om sau altul nu îți este apreciat gestul. Gestul nici nu trebuie apreciat, un simplu mulțumesc este destul. Cum reacționați atunci cînd vă dedicați cu trup și... Continue Reading →

Renegade all

I guess, I renegade all that I see bad in this World :), always wanted to say so and I’m not sorry about this, I think all this is true.   Friendship or not friendship Who's who in this life? Love or friendship Work or hobby You have to choose. You have to change all that... Continue Reading →

The face is your business card?

Little world in big heart!

Organizarea, un pas spre succes

Vă salut, oameni (mei) frumoși! Nu sunt expert în ale vieții și nu sunt eu omul potrivit  de la care ați putea învăța tare multe. Aici nu descoper ceva ieșit din comun, îmi comunic gîndurile, emoțiile, care fiecărui din noi ne este caracteristic să le simțim, trăim, parcurgem, să scurgem clipele...pe rînd. Pentru că așa... Continue Reading →

How to stay motivated,when everything is losing…


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