The perfect symbiosis of voice and music/Skryabin

Hey, great people!

This year is so cool and his time fly, fly.

I hope you have a good time and this autumn is a good time to change, to discover, to feel your own life. Bey the way I can’t imagine the life and especially this autumn without music.

Enjoy my playlist and I hope you discover the emotion…

I’m not sure if all my readers speak and understand the Ukrainian language, but this is some unbelievable, genial, interesting genre of music.  You like for sure this cool band call Skryabin. The band Skryabin (UkrainianСкрябін, also transliterated as Scriabin or Skriabin)  one of the famous Ukrainian rock, pop band formed in 1989 in Ukraine (Wikipedia info), for me is just amazing and special because of music, not typical for many of us. Especial this group was so because of the band’s lead singer, Ukrainian musician Andriy “Kuzma” Kuzmenko, dead in 2015. This man was so special, charismatic, intelligent, talented, with great soul and it`s not enough words to describe this genial man. His voice is amazing, I love to hear the symbiosis of music and voice, is a perfect combination. You just can listen and enjoy. Below I share you some of my favorites songs and clips.

Скрябін – Танець пінгвіна

This song is translated like – Dancing of the penguin, this song is not about the penguin, is an allegory of all about we live and feel.


Скрябін – Мам/Skyabin-Mam

The song is about love to mom. I love this melody full of emotion and sensibility.


Скрябін – Люди, як кораблі

Scryabin – People like ships, this song is full of the sens. The author says that we people live our life like the ships in the ocean. The comparing people with ships is just the great thing that I heard ever. Full of philosophy and full of truth, this song is just one of my favorite, this makes you really think about your life and yep, just like ever…

Sincerely, I’m very sorry because the geniuses are leaving so fast from this world.

Here you can found English fun version, but it really not like original, just for translation the lyrics you can listen

Скрябiн – Любити-платити /Skryabin – To love-pay.

Maybe you don’t understand the words, but you really love this music and video, I’m sure about this. This song it’s about what you have just yourself only and you have to believe just in yourself.


Скрябін – Лист до Друга

Letter to one friend.  I love this rock style of this song. 


Скрябін – Мовчати/ Skryabin- Keep silent

I love this song, music, words. The song is about love between two people who have to keep silent about their love…The suffering of the two, who can not share the own feelings to the whole world.



Скрябін – Порш пана Мера

The positive song, I just love his humor about little dream, dream to have a <<Porsche Panamera>> 🙂



Unfortunately, this is the last video clip with the lead of the band Andriy “Kuzma” Kuzmenko, watch this video, I think you also enjoy it.



I hope you like this one…Say me below that you think about this music.

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