Remix auf alter Musik (TOP 5)

(EN) I`M HAPPY on YouTube TO DISCOVER THE GOOD MUSIC IN DIFFERENT WAY! TODAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS! This is a chance to know more legendary people of music, singer of the rim of life! Enjoy my top favorite! Combination of new and old was to me good surprise. I like in this remix is nothing... Continue Reading →

How much do I invest for hair per month? Masca pentru par

en Hello, my dears! I know how important is to be beautiful and to have a health hair, that's why I thought of writing as many articles as possible about the methods I'm trying to do in this regard. Today I share some tips and methods that help me to stimulate my hair growth. I... Continue Reading →

Get ready for a beautiful skin with Garnier

Hello girls, today I would like to speak with you about my daily routine for the face skin. I have a mixed skin and was so hard evreytime to found realy good product for one sure cleansing for my face. Since I do not recommend something until I myself tested the product, I've been using this products... Continue Reading →

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