Crystal Voice of Freddie Mercury

I discovered him, his voice was perfect and always will be! Freddie Mercury - Legend of all time, Legend of music! Don't lose ocasion to listen the real sense of his music. Enjoy! Creation and inspiration. ♥↑⊕I guess I am nostalgic for the PAST I never knew... My top of motivational tracks from ,,Queen” and... Continue Reading →

Bring me back to music

1. Ht Bristol, Vincent Steele, Nine One One & Charlie Bannister - Bring Me Back To Life   2. Mari Ferrari - Maria, Maria (feat. Miss Mary)  

She’s like the Wind. Music for a long journey.

1. Giraffe Squad - Wait For Me 2.Lost Frequencies ft. Sandro Cavazza - Beautiful Life   3. Meiko - Leave The Lights On   4. МАЧЕТЕ - Нежность   5. Грибы - Тает Лёд   6. MONATIK - Кружит     7. Robert Cristian - Sometimes   8. Anton... Continue Reading →

Bridal Veil or Hair Accessories/Voalul miresei sau accesorii de păr?

en I think that the most important event in a girl's life is her wedding day. I think since our childhood, we dreamed to be princess or bride, because of her beauty. A bride for me, especially when I was a child, meant beauty. At present, I think the same way, not only because the bride and her groom... Continue Reading →

Pîine de casă/Home bread

en For me meal in the family means discussion, union and peace. I prefer more to eat what we cook in the house, so for the last time, especially when I have it, I prepare even bread at home. I found a super easy recipe that's perfect for me. If I made you curious, I... Continue Reading →

The little world in your hands

We live hard times, it seems like the times that the ones before us have lived. But I have the feeling, more and more, that even the Earth does not endure. Even we made our hearts of stone. We no longer know how to feel the pain of the next one. We have become selfish.... Continue Reading →

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