My favorite speeches by Angelina Jolie

I love and respect some of people for the humanity, compassion, empathy, love for each and over, for the reason how they impact, for the positive way that they change other lives. I am grateful for the example that they give and motivation for people who lose their hope to live. I am grateful for this humans being who when is so célèbre, is not destroy by selfish and continue to give his soul in all they makes. They don’t make the charity things for self promotion, but they do it sincerely for those who really need help. People, who are aware of the impact they have and use their popularity to create good things for other less privileged people, deserve all our respect. I’m just happy to live in the world and in the times we live there, there are people who have a voice to motivate, talk about what is taboo and help, as much as they can.

I guess most of people in this world know the name of Angelina Jolie. And you know why? It’s not just because she is of angelic beauty and she is the actress and producer of the best movies, but also for the goodness of her soul!

I LOVE HER, JUST FOR THE WAY SHE IS, SHE IS REALY HUMAN BEING! Angelina Jolie, she is one of the women who speaks and inspires people around the world. I guess she is the voice of all suffering people. I think, she makes all things sincerely and she gives her heart in all she does. Angelina Jolie is just an angel. Just listen to her voice and you understand all that it’s is so important to understand for everyone.

I just give down my favorite speeches from Angelina Jolie.

When I don’t have to say, I prefer just to share some of important information…Just enjoy it, this is enough.

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