Start new year & listen music

Hello people in 2018! 

How to start this 2018 year? The recipe is simple! With the best one man, good music and in dreaming about this new chapter in your book life. I think this year will be great, hey, be happy!

And in this magical time, I would like to share my playlist, for this new year. This is full of my good memories about past year, 2017. Check it, maybe you agree also with me this top:) And now, let’s go!

First on my top is the song Meiko – Leave The Lights On, why this song on the top, because is full of the best memories in 2017, when I was dreaming about all what gived to me this past amazing 2017 year, decisive year I guess, because I had started new life in another country.

The second on my top is the song by Deepjack, Mr.Nu Feat. Christina – Do What You Wan,, this song is rezoned with my disposition of my entire 2017 year 🙂

And the third place, but not the last, because she always on my top and she have first place in my heart, for the voice, emotion, videos. Just enjoy she’s talent for make the music for the soul Irina Rimes – Cosmos

Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath (Suprafive Remix) take 4 place, I like good beat of music, and here I feel it. Enjoy it

The fifth place I give for DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, why you asked, because the way that makes me feel this music, because of Rihanna, because is amazing!

I decide to start so my new agenda 🙂 and I make for you my 5 top of the good music, I guess. The 2018 year is outside, be thankful for new year in your life. I’m so existing for that new year reserved for me…I expect just for good, I hope all in this year will be good for me and for you! Just make time for your dream! Let’s do it, do this year more amazing!

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