Search for inspiration from Victoria Beckham

I don’t want to talk much about this influential woman, because she talks about her better, better than I do. I am inspired by the moment when I listen to it. She is an amazing and influential woman; she is an example of how we should all be women. Victoria Beckham is one of those... Continue Reading →

Music change heart!

Best music from meditation, dreaming. Enjoy your day Teeza – Berlin 2. PETIT BISCUIT - Sunset Lover 3.  Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight 4. Tinush - Struggle (feat Aretha Franklin) 5. Savages - You're My Chocolate  

Happiness from simple things

Where does my smile come from? From EVERYTHING! My happiness is from..... my love, my family, the outcome of my work, success and failure, friends, the happiness of the people I love, people who are sincere and benevolent, travel, peace in this world, from EVERYTHING!!! Learn to be happy for every moment of your life! Life passes... Continue Reading →

Song of this day

Usually, I don’t listen for this type of music, but this case when you don't have the words! All is about the love that gone. It is all about the normal feeling between two people who love. When someone forgets this sentiment, everything is lost and all you have to do is to suffer. Cool... Continue Reading →

How do I grow my hair?

en Hello my dears girls! In this article, I will share with you some of the products that really help me to have strong and healthy hair. I experienced a little with my hair when I decided to color my hair in this method called "balayage" and it was not the most inspired idea. Then... Continue Reading →

Want back my long hair

  [ro] De când mă știu, am purtat părul lung, o lungime medie, mai jos de umeri. L-am purtat în diverse forme, cu breton și fără el, dar niciodată nu am renunțat la lungime. Mereu cumva insuflat, din partea mamei care îmi spunea să nu renunț la lungimea părului, pentru că părul semnifică frumusețea și puterea... Continue Reading →

My favorite speeches by Angelina Jolie

I love and respect some of people for the humanity, compassion, empathy, love for each and over, for the reason how they impact, for the positive way that they change other lives. I am grateful for the example that they give and motivation for people who lose their hope to live. I am grateful for... Continue Reading →

Between us ice melts

As I used to, in the music section, I post what I discovered recently about music. I put in the top, this week that song that was the number one in 2017. It is a Ukrainian band, singing in Russian. On the topic of earnestness and self-ironing, the clip is just for fun. Have fun.... Continue Reading →

My ROMWE super red dress!!!!

en Hello my dears’ girls, this article is exclusive for you! Although one of the most important holidays in the year, such as New Year's Eve, has already passed and we are already in 2018, nice to dress yet nobody has forbidden us. I found the site, and I'm just delighted with this site.... Continue Reading →

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