Nature behind and around you

I love the nature, the forest especially. I don’t know why, but spending time in nature is my favorite activity, perhaps is my source of inspiration and for recharge the battery. The nature is my energy, and is not just about her beauty and  fresh air, I think is about of something more. For me the forest, always, is associated with a fairytale and mystery. I think, the trees know more the stories of humans then you can imagine. When you go in to this universe of nature, I think you find more just the peace, but also you can know yourself better…

I do not understand why ecology is not respected in natures? Have we become so insensitive and indifferent? We forgot to love the beauty. And I don’t understand never why people destroy this world every day. We behave with nature as if it does not matter what is happening around us. Each of us is responsible for the protection of nature, every action begins with us. Protect nature for you, for healthy future of your children.

Look down, sometimes I do not have the right words to describe this beauty.


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