My ocean unknown

Little world in a big heart...      

Renegade all

I guess, I renegade all that I see bad in this World :), always wanted to say so and I’m not sorry about this, I think all this is true.   Friendship or not friendship Who's who in this life? Love or friendship Work or hobby You have to choose. You have to change all that... Continue Reading →

The face is your business card?

Little world in big heart!

Nature behind and around you

I love the nature, the forest especially. I don’t know why, but spending time in nature is my favorite activity, perhaps is my source of inspiration and for recharge the battery. The nature is my energy, and is not just about her beauty and  fresh air, I think is about of something more. For me... Continue Reading →

Organizarea, un pas spre succes

Vă salut, oameni (mei) frumoși! Nu sunt expert în ale vieții și nu sunt eu omul potrivit  de la care ați putea învăța tare multe. Aici nu descoper ceva ieșit din comun, îmi comunic gîndurile, emoțiile, care fiecărui din noi ne este caracteristic să le simțim, trăim, parcurgem, să scurgem rînd. Pentru că așa... Continue Reading →

How to stay motivated,when everything is losing…

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