Should there be multitasking?

Do you like your life? That new past in your life between this year? May be you cut your hair so many time, color them, may be you try something new, make a new friends, travel more, maybe you married and in your life come the little sunshine-your kid, I guess all good things are happing your life.

I have one question – How many things you do awhile in one day. You organize your day in agenda or do all things chaotically. Perhaps, you have a job, and all your day is full, but after the job, that you do? That important thing you usually, do?

I start do write about of this, because I am interested, how many people in this big world like to do more things in the same time. I love multitasking, but literally do it so good for us. I think, multitasking is good for one of reason, for exemplum, for the way in that we are all time in tonus. Then you have a lot things to do, you really feel the life. It’s good feeling, may be you seems to think that you are more important for yourself, your family, society why not.

 Multitasking is an important skill for any of us. We live in one world that moving so fast, in every second appears one new technological invention; we don’t have the right do not be in same speed of them. I am really excited of the life we life now. But we don’t speak about this, in this article all about multitasking…So, human multitask that it is and why you have to be so multifunctional?

I goggled in Wikipedia, for one the right definition, and here is explain like this human multitasking is an apparent human ability to perform more than one task, or activity, over a short period (1 hour)[1]. Actually, I am totally agreeing this, about ability to perform more tasks, over shorts period, but apparently causing more errors due to insufficient attention, it`s not about me, us. In entire life, in entire day, we all make more things in the same time, our organism is multitasked, we breathe, see, hear, talk, feel at the same time all at the same time, and the body never fails! Tell me then, what are we more limited in doing right, without committing errors, several actions at the same time.

The real secret, I think in effective multitasking, it`s the ability to rotate the concentration smoothly and entirely from one activity to another. Here is my list of tips that help you do things more effectively:

  1. You have to choose the balance in all that you do.
  2. Make a prioritization of what you will do at the same time.
  3. Simple things that can be done in an hour simultaneously, even in a hurry, choose to multitask. Eventually, you are not a robot, and you do not have to endlessly exhaust yourself.
  4. Give more attention to an important thing that requires maximum concentration.
  5. Choose the balance of your energy in all you do.
  6. Be more creative, that help you make the annoying activities easier.
  7. Make a pause then you need this to charge yourself positive.
  8. Try fixed the list for that I must to do, for organize you.
  9. Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today


I hope you enjoy like me the activity and do your task better. Don’t judge yourself then something it’s not like you went to be. Believe me, all come then it have to come.




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