About the relationship

Today, our generation, as I think, is luckier, because we have more interesting life. We have a lot of opportunity to discover world and to communicate with a different people. Also, we have the possibility to be connected with the people who we love.

And a while, we are so different, but in the same time, we all are connected. And no matter how it’s happen, when you speak offline and online, it’s the same, but unfortunately, with different implication. We can search and get one important human for the rest of the life. I guess this is so great and magic. After that, between the people magically appear the difference relations. Everything is logical. Do you agree? Then, why when everything is good, it’s happen this fracture between two people who love each other, between the best friends, between the boss and subaltern, between the mother and daughter? I think, because of our ego! We are so selfish!

We think our opinion is better, and we act like we think; here is no place for other opinion. People communicate, but they do not know how to communicate. I think, that this is a case of the destruction of many relationships. If something you don’t like, please be more amiable and intelligent. Please, search the right way and give one more chance to someone who hurt you perhaps he don’t understand that make you feel bad. Explain to each other the whole situation; perhaps you can keep your friendship and your love job. Because of pride, man loses much, this is it worth it? Our life is more beautiful when we are together. You are happier when you have a person with whom you share happiness. A person is a social being; he cannot live on his own. Learn to forgive if relationships are really important for you.


P.S. It’s short, because you know it, I just remind you…Take care of this who you respect.

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