People, who sharing experience!



We live at a time when progress has reached such a level that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, communicate, convey what they think in any desired form. Blogging allowed every man, far from being a public person, to talk about what they feel.

At the moment, I found a useful blogs about foreign languages, healthy lifestyle, etc. I believe in principle that less is more , for this reason, I will share a list of bloggers who provide useful information for any age. I choose topics that seems useful to me, if you find interesting, go to the links below.

I follow more of them, in ,,ro” rubric I post the list of the bloggers that are russian speakers, I will recommend visiting them, but also I recommend some similar english bloggers.

1. First blogger is Anastacia Kay, her website is, i think Anastacia Kay have a lot good information.

2. About healthy life

3. About sport

4. And if you went to improve your english

Hope you’ll find it’s very useful.


Trăim în așa vremuri, cînd progresul a atins așa nivel, încît fiecare om are posibilitatea de a se exprima, de a se comunica, de a transmite ce gîndesc în orice formă dorită. Bloggingul a permis fiecărui om, departe de a fi persoană publică, de a vorbi despre ce simt.

La moment, am descoperit vblog utile în materie de limbi străini, de modul de viață sănătos etc. Cred în principiul less is more, din acest motiv, vă voi împărtăși o listă de vbloggeri ce aduc informații utile, pentru orice vîrstă. Am ales subiecte, care mi-au părut utile, dacă vă este interesant, accesați linkurile ce urmează.

Sper ca informațiile să vă fie utile!







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